Newport Cottage Care Centre, Newport

Awarded £5,000 to refurbish the kitchen

About the service

The centre was established as a charity in 1993 to provide support for elderly and disabled people living in the Newport area and is open five days a week. Around 30 clients benefit from visiting the centre daily. A hot, nutritious meal is provided for around 130 clients every week. The centre’s kitchen also provides an average of 25 meals daily for children at a nursery located in a separate part of the building.

Trustee Don Shaw said the centre is a “lifeline to so many in our community, especially those living in rural isolation.” In addition to supporting its clients, the care centre also offers support to their carers and families.

What was needed

Having operated for over 20 years, the kitchen was coming to the end of its lifetime and needed updating to meet current standards. A recent inspection gave the life expectancy of the extraction unit no more than 12 months. Without the kitchen the care centre would have be unable to function and unable to continue to support the community with hot meals that are so important to wellbeing.

What the Pride funding has meant to them

The Community Pride Fund has helped the care centre totally refurbish the kitchen, bringing it up to date to meet current standards and legal requirements. They can now continue to provide hot, healthy meals to their day care clients, lunch clients and the nursery.

All smiles at the official opening of the new kitchen
How the new kitchen looks today

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