Polish Saturday School, Wellington

The Polish Saturday School was awarded £2,879 from the Community Pride Fund to buy IT equipment.  The school provides education services for around 100 children and young people aged four to 19 years in Telford and surrounding areas. Volunteers promote the Polish culture and teach Polish language and humanities. They also prepare young people for curriculum based examinations in Polish and English to help retain polish traditions and culture and encourage participation and integration in British society.

What was needed

In order to expand their services to as many children and young people as possible, the school needed to use new technologies – laptops, software, camera, projector screen and sound equipment. It was unable to organise events unless it hired equipment. Its service users also identified that it was struggling to deliver its services without the equipment needed.

What the Pride funding has meant to them

Being able to buy the equipment has improved the way the school delivers lessons, allowing for more interactive lessons. Preparing lessons is much easier for teaching volunteers and school assemblies are more interactive. School performances are now more professional, including the Polish Social Evening which draws people from all cultures to learn about Polish culture and traditions. The equipment has also been useful for other local social events, such as the annual Wellington Lights.

recent Polish Independence Day celebration, with a lot of the equipment in use
A lot of the equipment in use at the recent Polish Independence Day celebration

The hope is to improve the service to reach even more children and young people.

Jolanta Smyk, head of the Polish Saturday School in Telford, said: “Despite the fact that we have been using the equipment for a relatively short amount of time, it has already made an impact and has become an integral and essential part of the way that our school works.”


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