Saving Dawley Brook Scout Group

Awarded £50,000 to refurbish and extend its meeting place

The Scout group is one of the oldest groups in the country and currently provides Scouting to over 100 young people, with activities running four nights a week. Over the last eight years, the group has grown in numbers significantly and its popularity continues thanks to the support of the community.

What was needed

The exterior of the chalet style building

The group recently moved to a chalet style building which is too small to accommodate them.

Unless the existing accommodation is made fit for purpose, the group would have to close.



What the Pride funding has meant to them

Work on the existing building starts in early 2016. The plan is to extend the main room size so that it is suitable for games and activities. The kitchen area is to be refurbished so that the young people can cook as part of their weekly sessions and badge work. In addition the main room will be connected to the old school house, providing extra rooms with wheelchair access.

Old school house with demountable at the rear
The old school house will be refurbished
Inside the old school house
The kitchen area on the left hand side will be extended and refitted to provide better facilities so Scouts can work on their cookery badges









Work will also be done on the outside space to create an outdoor camping area, nature trail, wildlife area and allotment plot.

outise space - cropped
An outside camping space will be created here
outside space
The location of the proposed nature trail and wildlife area







The new facility is expected to be completed by summer 2016.

Roger Oakley, Assistant District Commissioner for Development at Shropshire Severn & Teme Scout District and retired builder charged with overseeing the project, said: “It will end up being a very prestigious headquarters within our district and such an asset to the community. I struggle to find the right words to express what a difference this is going to make. The local Scouts and wider community are going to love it.”


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