Wombridge Primary School grow their own fruit and veg

Awarded £60,000 to build a botanical greenhouse

About the school

The school in Oakengates, Telford provides primary school education for children aged 4 to 11 years. It prides itself on providing its children with the best resources and opportunities as possible to develop well rounded, responsible citizens. After achieving nationally recognised success through gaining Apple Regional Training Centre status and a Farming and Countrywide Award, the school wanted to further develop learning opportunities for children outside the classroom. They began to develop areas around the school where the children could grow their own fruit and vegetables, which was a great success. The next step was to find a way of growing more fruit and vegetables that could be used in cookery sessions and for school meals.

What was needed

A botanical greenhouse situated in the grounds of the school would mean that more fruit and vegetables could be grown throughout the year. Together with the creation of extra outdoor growing spaces, there would be plenty of opportunity for the children to develop their understanding of the world around them, where food comes from and also encourage healthy eating. Every pupil gets to visit the school’s local farm where they experience the day to day workings of a farm and see how the local area changes through the seasons – a botanical greenhouse and additional fruit and veg plots would complement this learning experience.

What the Pride funding has meant to them

IMG_3510 - sent if by Neil Satoor

The school now has a botanical greenhouse which has meant the children have been able to increase the amount of fruit and veg they grow all year round. The freshly picked produce is used in cookery sessions and school meals. The hope is that children will gain a national qualification in horticulture which could lead to employment opportunities in the future. In addition the school plans to increase the work it does in the wider community. It already works closely with Age Concern and Stallard Court, a home for the elderly, on a range of inter-generational projects, but it plans to cook and serve meals to the residents of Stallard Court using food they have grown.

Head Teacher Neil Satoor said: “The importance of eating healthily and having a balanced diet is an embedded part of our school ethos. It is vital that children are taught about looking after their health and bodies from an early age. With improved access and understanding of where our food comes from, how we produce food and grow plants, we are improving the longer term health and wellbeing of our children, their families and the wider community.”


Telford & The Wrekin Citizens Advice Bureau

Awarded £23,513 for computer equipment and an IT upgrade

About the service

Telford & The Wrekin Citizens Advice Bureau covers the whole of Telford and Wrekin and offers a general advice service for walk-in clients and appointments. The service offers free independent and confidential advice on a wide range of problems, including benefits, debt and money management, housing and the law.

What was needed

It is becoming increasingly difficult for people to manage their lives without access to the Internet, but many people don’t have Internet access or are not computer literate. As more public services become digital by default, the effects of digital exclusion will increase on some of the most vulnerable members of our community. For most CAB clients there is a need to use the Internet to resolve their issues and safeguard their household income. Online applications take time to complete – an online application for a Personal Independence Payment averages two hours. The service’s IT infrastructure was unable to cope with the increasing demand, which was restricting its ability to respond to client needs.

The service aims to help clients do as much as they can for themselves by using the online facilities it has available on site. Extra computers with furniture and monitors suitable for people with disabilities were needed.

What the Pride funding has meant to them

The service has increased the number of accessible computers which are available to the public every weekday and one evening a week. It has also added capacity on its IT server to accommodate increased public use and installed WiFi, which benefits customers as well as visiting solicitors who provide pro bono services.

Pods wide

There are now more computers for people to use

pod shot 3

Helping clients help themselves








Lyn Brayne, Service Director, said: “Our direct work with clients gives the clearest indication of the need for this project. Whilst we always aim to empower clients to do as much as possible for themselves, most of our clients tell us that they don’t have the skills and confidence to use their own or other publicly available online facilities. The equipment has made it much easier and quicker for us to help clients and support them in doing the digital activities needed to manage their lives.”

Telford & The Wrekin Citizens Advice Bureau’s main office is at 40 Tan Bank, Wellington (opposite Wellington Police Station), TF1 1HW. Opening times are Monday 9.30am to 4pm, Tuesday 9.30am to 7.30pm, Wednesday 9.30am to 4pm, Thursday 9.30am to 12.30pm and Friday 9.30am to 4pm. It also operates a telephone advice service on 0845 146 1554.

Wait area 1

Pride money also paid for the monitor which screens clips on money management and promotes local services