A host of golden daffodils planted to mark Telford’s 50th anniversary

shutterstock_569392504 - daffodils

Thousands of golden daffodils are being planted at key roadside locations in the approach to Telford Central to mark the borough’s 50th birthday in 2018.

Around 170,000 daffodil bulbs are being planted over the next few weeks.  One for each resident of the borough.

The spring flowers are a perennial favourite that will provide a glorious burst of golden colour that gives pleasure to locals and visitors for many years to come.  The flowers will also be a lifeline for pollinating insects emerging as the weather warms up and pollen and nectar are hard to come by.

‘I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud’ is one of the most famous poems in the English language that captured the beauty of the flowers and the joy that catching a glimpse of them can bring, particularly when they are planted in large numbers.

The anniversary daffodils will be planted at Hollingsgate Mound and two other verges along Rampart Way, providing a bright welcome for passing motorists.

Councillor John Minor, Telford & Wrekin cabinet member for leisure, green spaces and parks, said: “The wildflower planting that we started a few years ago has given a lot of people a lot of pleasure, and has also been great for wildlife.  The snowy weather has delayed the planting, but we should still get a showing this coming spring.  They will be a welcome sight for us and a great source of sustenance for early pollinators.  They will also be a lasting celebration to mark the borough’s golden anniversary.  Happy birthday Telford.”

[First published December 2017]


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