New community green space for Woodside

Wildwood Woodside - Facebook

A plot of land in the heart of Woodside is being brought back into use as public open space as part of Telford & Wrekin Council’s Pride in Our Community work.

The land situated at Wildwood in Woodside was earmarked for redevelopment as part of the long term regeneration of the area.  Roughly the size of a football pitch, the site was fenced off with a view to future development to provide more homes.

As yet, no plans have come forward to develop the site which has lain unused and overgrown, prompting local councillors to ask for it to be opened up for public use whilst its long term future is decided.

After considering the options and talking to local residents, the Council has set aside just over £30,000 of Pride in Our Community funding to bring the land into use as a community green space.

The new plans will see the existing site fencing and security gates removed and replaced with a knee-high timber rail.  The ground will be cleared and tidied with new topsoil spread in localised areas in preparation for sowing grass and wildflower seeds.  Most of the self-set trees will be retained.  In addition, there will be new lighting, a footpath and litter bins installed.

Councillor Rae Evans, Telford & Wrekin Council cabinet member responsible for partnerships, said: “There has been a lot of support from local residents to do something about this plot of land, which has been fenced off and disused for too long.

“It could be some time before any development plans come forward, so using the land to create an attractive, green space for people to enjoy with their families and pets has got to be welcomed.”

Letters are being delivered to local residents to update them on the plans to bring the site back into public use today and work will start later this week.

[First published November 2017]


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