Yellow Paint Campaign Reduces Dog Fouling

Dog poo spraying

A campaign that saw volunteers spray-painting dog-poo in Telford and Wrekin has seen a reduction in dog-fouling across the borough and an increase in awareness of the issue.

Armed with cans of temporary yellow spray paint, voluntary organisations and more than 20 Street Champions hit the streets over four weeks to mark dog mess on the ground.

Their locations were recorded and reported back for Council contractors to later visit and clear it up.

Areas that saw significant reductions included:

  • Stirchley, the most successful area where numbers were reduced from more than 30 to zero
  • Arleston, where fouling was reduced from 30 cases to just one over the four weeks of monitoring
  • Dothill, where fouling was reduced from 13 cases to zero
  • And, Peregrine Way, Apley and the entrance to Apley Castle, thanks to the Friends of Apley Woods through their similar continuous “Bloo the Poo” campaign.

Volunteers have enjoyed it. Their feedback comments include: “It’s been a good vibe, people are talking about it, so a worthwhile exercise” and “The yellow spray seems to be working … a definite improvement on the grass area by the Watling Centre”.

The exercise also highlighted areas where dog-fouling continued to be an issue, including the Silkin Way.

During that time, Telford & Wrekin Council also increased the number of venues giving away free dog-poo bags to more than 50.

Cllr Richard Overton, Telford & Wrekin Council’s cabinet member for enforcement said: “Thank you to all the volunteers for their great work.  It was good to see the numbers of sprayed dog poos reduce in some areas and it certainly got a lot of people talking about it.  A lot of people tell us how annoyed they are at seeing dog poo on the ground. We are doing something about it. We are on your side.

“This has been a great educational exercise but now it’s time to tackle the few persistent offenders who refuse to clean up after their dog.  There’s no excuse for not bagging and binning your dog’s mess, especially when so many places are giving away bags for free.

“If necessary, our enforcement officers will resort to issuing fines. Offenders face a Fixed Penalty Notice of £80, rising to £2,500 if they fail to pay the original fine.”

You can help – either tell us of problem areas your know about or if you see someone not cleaning up after their dog, please report it here

[First published October 2017]


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