Great work by Good2Great!

Good2Great has been running a variety of courses to help town centre businesses across the borough flourish, made possible thanks to Telford & Wrekin Council’s Pride in Your High Street grant funding initiative.

Feeback from businesses that have attended Good2Great courses has been fantastic. Below are a selection of the testimonials we have been sent.


Chris and Eira Moore, Tax Assist Accountants, Madeley

Attended ‘Locally Social’ Workshops in Madeley.

“Learning about how social media can help grow our business has been rewarding and exciting.”






Pradip Patel, The Flooring Outlet, Donnington

Pradip attended ‘Locally Social’ ; ‘Retail Sustainability’ and ‘High Street Excellence’ in Donnington, also booked onto ‘Window Dressing’.

“The course (High Street Excellence) has been tough but I now understand DISC – it’s really a very good course.

“So impressed by Good2Great’s very in depth knowledge.”




Mark and Gail Fisk, The Forge, Ironbridge

Attended ‘High Street Excellence’ and ‘Locally Social’ in Ironbridge. Also booked onto ‘Window Dressing’.

“Excellent discussions and topics, very relevant. The course provided some useful recommendations and tools to assist small business planning and control of finances. It has really helped increase our confidence level to support our current plans.  Thank you.”



Sue and Hannah Tranter, The Cookshop, Newport

Attended ‘High Street Excellence’ and booked on ‘Window Dressing’ and ‘Locally Social’.

“Lots of food for thought. After just one session we started moving the shop around and started seeing things through customers’ eyes. Such excellent sessions – lots to think about and implement – so much to do, but now we have the skills to take it forward”


Tina Pound, Telford Florist, Wellington

Attended ‘High Street Excellence’ and ‘Locally Social’ and is booked on ‘Successful Selling’ and ‘Window Dressing’.

“I have followed up more on the activities and homework on this workshop than I ever have with previous training I have done.

“It is simple to follow and more relevant to my business.”




Charmaine Briscoe of Bellmans Yard Garage (pictured right), Newport

Attended ‘High Street Excellence’ and ‘Successful Selling’ and booked on ‘Window Dressing’ and ‘Locally Social’.

“I’ve now done 2 courses with Good2Great. Each session has been relevant, interesting, bang up to date and full of useful information and ideas to take away to use in our own business. I thoroughly recommend Good2Great training for every business… Don’t miss out!”


Sally Finnegan of Aunt Sal’s Café, Newport

Attended ‘High Street Excellence’ and ‘Successful Selling’ and booked on ‘Window Dressing’ and ‘Locally Social’.

“I have just finished High Street Excellence Course with Good2Great.  I really enjoyed it… It gave me inspiration, and made me look at my business from lots of different angles! … never think that you know it all… , and that you carn’t ever learn something new.”


John Ellis, The Crown, Oakengates

Attended ‘High Street Excellence’ and ‘Locally Social’ in Oakengates.

“A great session – which has proved to be an excellent refresher. WOW! So many ideas – my head wants to burst!

I do urge other retailers to take every advantage of the free training provided by Good2Great. The only investment is your time. It’s well worth it.”


Helen Briscoe, Country Chic Interiors, Oakengates

Attended ‘High Street Excellence’ and ‘Locally Social’ in Oakengates.

“I always say – you don’t know what you don’t know. And these workshops have been a revelation.

“I know I need to get my shop out to a wider audience and now I have the tools to do it. Thankyou.”



Chris Boyles, The Grey Door Café, Wellington

Attended ‘Locally Social’ ; staff have attended ‘High Street Excellence’ and is booked for ‘Window Dressing’.

“I know I will benefit greatly from the advice offered. It was so informative – I didn’t realise social media could be such a powerful tool.”




The Hub, Newport

Awarded £57,900 to purchase their building

About the service

The Hub is a registered charity that provides activities, training and support for young people in Newport and the surrounding areas. As well as a youth club, The Hub has the potential to be a venue for other community groups that need a permanent base from which to operate. At the start of the project The Hub was used by a mother and baby clinic, TCAT and a job club that helps people secure work and training. In addition it is the home of Nova FM radio station which broadcasts local news and offers training for budding presenters and technicians. The facility is open to any youth based organisation to provide services and support to the whole of Telford and Wrekin.

What was needed

The cost of leasing the building was putting the activities of The Hub at risk. Without the Community Pride Funding the charity and the building would have closed. This would have closed the youth club and put other community groups and Nova FM out of their home. The potential to develop the facility for more community use would have been lost.

We needed to purchase the building, remove the lease costs and make the facility attractive to more users so that The Hub was a viable and valuable community facility.

What the Pride funding has meant to them

Word regarding the Community Pride Fund has spread and resulted in more community groups approaching and using The Hub. The charity has worked with these groups to re-design the interior to be more flexible for all users. Desks and chairs have been purchased, providing better facilities. They are now home to:

  • My Options – providing activities for adults with learning disabilities
  • Boughey Explorer Scouts
  • TCAT- providing training for adults
  • Job Shop
  • NovaFM – local FM radio station
  • Newport Bridge Club

The Youth Club also now opens on two nights per week, Monday and Wednesday, for the young people of Newport and the surrounding areas.

The next step is to complete the purchase of the building and then increase the number of young people using the youth club.

The non-measurable benefits are the community spirit and support between the users of The Hub. A spokesperson from My Options said: “Being part of the diverse group of local people that access the Newport Hub has meant that adults with learning disabilities have been welcomed into the local community and now have a safe place to meet socialise and develop friendships and learn different skills all in one place. Working together with all the other users of the hub has given us all pride in continuing to develop the building and maximising its use for everyone benefit.”


The Hub (left to right: Cllr Peter Scott, Nova’s John “Pops” Evans, Ccout Justin Turpin, Cllr Shaun Davies, Scout Dylan Webb, Nova’s Arran Shepherd, Dawn Wilbrey from The Hub’s Youth Club, Youth Club member Alex Birchall, Bridge Club’s Ken Davies, Bridge Club’s David West and Youth Club member Alison Scott)